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-Pastor Michael G Lewis, Jr.
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We know what God is doing here at Zadok Worship Center is "Life Changing", anwe want you to have a part in that. We want you to connect with the people you go to church with and build relationships. At Zadok we don’t stress membership, although you are more than welcome to become a member. We emphasize participation. And there are several ways to join in with what we’re doing here.

"Let my people go!"  With those words, and more Pastor Michael Lewis takes us on a prophetic journey to understand  God's demonstration of Love for His people and how  He delivered them into a freedom they only could have only imagined. Many think of Exodus as a story of miracles like a burning bush, plagues of judgment, and a sea split in half. But that’s to miss the big truth that Exodus is written for God’s people today! To know the story is to see that the God of Moses has continued to work well after Moses to “let his people go” from a great bondage to a greater victory. GET YOUR COPY TODAY of "The Prophetic Exodus Encounter!"