On August 2,...in Chicago, IL, an important event in history took place- the birth of Michael G. Lewis Jr. His parents, Carla and Michael Sr., knew that their newborn son was special. What they did not know at the time was that the Lord would use Michael to preach the Gospel and be a “Prophetic Voice” for his generation. Michael accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior at the age of 10.

Six years later, it was by Divine appointment that God directed Michael to join House of Hope Ministries, where he served as well as acknowledge the call of God to ministry at the age of sixteen. Here is where he was prepared and equipped to escape the limitations of tradition, to widen his spiritual parameters, to reach people of varied ages, backgrounds and cultures. 

He is deeply committed to encouraging each individual that crosses his path to reach their highest potential in Life as well as in Christ. He is determined to revolutionize as many lives as possible by focusing on building stronger families and transforming the local community through active participation, bridging the gap between the cultures, and impacting the world with the love and generosity of Christ..

​He has a God-Ordained vision to raise up leaders and ministries who will profoundly impact the world. His greatest desire is to see that vision come to pass by the investment made into each individual that encounters him, leaving a lasting impression of a genuine heart.
 He accepted the pastorate of a newly accomplishment church Zadok Worship Center International on November, 2009 and in less than three years Zadok Worship Center International went from a membership of 12 into a growing thriving diversified congregation and still growing. 

He ministers prophetically, both corporately and personally.  He’s been affectionately referred to as The Preaching Prophet,” due to his passionate and revelatory insight of the Word of God. His delivery of the Word is clear, concise and life-changing to those it touches.

God has released an anointing on Pastor Michael’s life to prophetically identify the potential in many, motivate them to cultivate their gifts, callings and anointing that’s been dormant, especially the un-churched. Based on the philosophy “Trapped within every follower is an untapped leader” 

Pastor Michael Lewis, is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind speaker. His scriptural approach, and his intense oratorical style, stimulates the intellect of people on all levels of life. His ability to minister to people of all cultures and generations through his in-depth Bible preaching, sense of humor, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Many hail his method as "being practical, yet powerful… real and relevant " while penetrating the hardest of hearts, captivating the attention of the restless, and convincing the confused that God is able to save anyone.